Earn 250€ for referring your friend(s)*

Experience tells us that a friend is usually a good judge of character and talent. Employers prefer when you recommend your friend, and are most likely going to interview them (and hire them) over a complete stranger!  

So why not be rewarded for your insider perspective - nominate and refer your friends, your BFFs, and your buddys', your chums, mates and your Kabayans, and whatever else you affectionately know each other as.

And for your help and good judge of character there is cool 100€*, all for you, for you to treat yourself. 

See Terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions*

Global Healthcare will be understood and accepted as 'we, goGlobal, Global, Global Healthcare' in the following terms and conditions.


i) your referral must have an NMBI Decision Letter or NMBI PIN at time of nomination.

ii) your referral must currently be outside of the Philippines (due to POEA restrictions inside the Philippines). No referral reward will be paid to the referee on placement of a candidate(s) that is/are sourced directly from inside the Philippines.

iii) referral reward will only be paid to you on successful issuance of employment contract to the person you refer and after the first 12 weeks of continued employment. If your referral leaves, or their contract is terminated anytime before 12 weeks, no reward will be given.

iv) you cannot nominate yourself or someone that has already applied to Global.

v) any/all referral rewards will only be paid to you if you are/were placed by Global Healthcare or are currently using Global Healthcare for placement.  

vi) your reward will be in the form of a One4All Gift card or bank transfer, whichever is the equivalent value to Global and by no other means.

vii) the referral reward offer will end on Friday 28 August 2020 at 1pm (GMT+1), however the offer can be withdrawn at any time and at the discretion of Global Healthcare without prior notice given.