About Us.

Hello & Welcome!

''Thank you for taking time out to get to know Global Healthcare. My experience, passion and vocation are in nursing and people management. As CEO of Global Healthcare,  I understand the needs of Care Home providers in Ireland and the importance of partnerships. We serve to assist employers finding nurses. In addition, I value the enormous contribution our nurses make for the wellbeing of all. At Global, we assist Registered Nurses find meaningful and fulfilling placements. At Global Healthcare are proud of our record and experience. 

Have a look around and know that we are ready to help you when you need us and, when you do, 

Go Global!

Joy Berey,
CEO Global Healthcare.

Our Mission.

Our reputation is built upon the quality of the nurses we supply. Our mission is to support Nursing and Residential Home providers deliver the highest standards of nursing care.  

Our Values.

We value most our people, that is, our employee-agency-employer relationships. We recognise our nurses, staff and partners are all dedicated professionals. We recruit locally & globally. 

Our Vision.

To be the benchmark provider of high calibre professional nurses.


What we do.

Our goal is simple, to source and support the provision of exceptional quality professional nurses. 

We have an outstanding record of long-term employer-employee match.

Our service is niche.

We provide end to end management of nurse placements. We do the heavy lifting for you the employer, so you can focus on other important tasks.  At Global Healthcare we conduct scenario based pre-screening interviews, so only the best are brought forward for your consideration. Global facilitates initial training, on-boarding & placement of nurses, flights, accommodation, and processing of the necessary documents from the beginning to the end of one's application. 

We keep the application process transparent, smooth and stress free for you, the applicant nurse. 

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